The Perfect School Community Service Project

I just got the dreaded email from the school: the school year is coming to an end and your children have not finished their community service projects. Hours left: 28.

Well duh. Until last week my kids were remote learning in their bedrooms. They haven’t left the safety of my house in over a year. How in the world are they supposed to fulfill 30 hours of community service each?

They’ve cleaned their closets to find clothes, they took all of my canned goods from the pantry and they purged their toys. What else are we supposed to do?

I turned to my old trusty friend, Amazon. There had to be something out there. And then I stumbled upon it — The Jar from Afar.

The basic idea, told in a beautiful book, is that you take the included jar, decorate it, and fill it with little things like your daily change, coupons, gift cards, etc. And then you identify a family or group that needs it more than you and you anonymously leave it on their doorstep. It can become a tradition to help teach kids to give back.

I ordered two. They’ll be here next week. I can’t wait to get the kids going on this project. They’ve already started to think about who to give the jars to and how to decorate them. And now we can do this every year, which means no more annoying school emails!

The Jar from Afar — Available on Amazon

The Jar from Afar
Available on Amazon

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